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[01 Sep 2004|06:50pm]

I'm leaving this community. Nothing goes on here really, and i like communities that are very active. If anything you guys can still apply to my community which i already made posts for. With enough members it's guranteed hotness. Thanks for eveything.
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[24 Aug 2004|06:59pm]

OH! For my promo I forgot to put this:

Prove your from this community and get in free until community reaches 40 members.
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STAMPED [24 Aug 2004|05:07pm]

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First 20 are in free!
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STAMPED! [17 Aug 2004|05:08pm]

Some pics of me and my boyfriend and the first day of school!
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[15 Aug 2004|10:09am]


First 20 auto-accepted!
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[14 Aug 2004|08:45pm]

Livejournal currently has more than 4000000 members (4185457 to be exact) I'm number 3240671. what number are you? (user info beside your username)
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[13 Aug 2004|09:25pm]


the banner had Brody..what more could you ask for?
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[13 Aug 2004|12:22pm]


hotness in a box!
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. x . f r i e n d s . x . [10 Aug 2004|12:49pm]

[ mood | amused ]

<center> here ya go ppl.. these are muh best friends=)


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*theme* [08 Aug 2004|12:24pm]

[ mood | ecstatic ]

ooooo i really like this theme u should all do it .. cus u learn a lot! haha!

friends only :Collapse )

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[05 Aug 2004|10:50pm]

New theme for the month, week whatever.
Your Friends.
post pictures of each of your friends [if you can] and explain them a bit.
[[their name, age, why you love them, how long youve known them, their interests, personality etc. etc.]]
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[04 Aug 2004|04:14pm]

i made 3 rejected banners so far and 1 accepted!
i will post them just so u can see the kind of graphics i make and criticise if u want lol!

click mee :Collapse )
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[04 Aug 2004|03:45pm]

decided to make some rejected/accepted banners for the community!
any particular people that u would like to see on the banners?!
comment if so!


p.s. i have already made a christina rejected one! and if u want a certain person or a specific picture pls gimmie the link to that pic!
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members cut [02 Aug 2004|08:05pm]

because you 1)arn't active or 2)got a new journal
if you want to stay and promise to be active comment. sorry if you are active and i put you, it was a mistake, just comment and tell me.

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[21 Jul 2004|05:37pm]

[ mood | thrilled ]





_sex: female

_location: Compton Ca

FAVOURITES {more for brownie points are alright too}

_band: Tsunami Bomb

_movie: Save the Last Dance

_book: The Note Book

_colour: pink and purple

_obsession: chocolate,dogs,and music

_song at the moment: take the reins


_pet peeves: when my dad gets drunk (he bugs me so much)

_what do you want to be when you "grow up"? I want to a masage therapist im sry im not sure if u spell it like that

_are you Spectaculicious? why?

I know this questions gets asked a lot but i love hearing the answers-
_If you could have crazy wild hot sex with anyone in the world who would it be? and where? chad in a public place but when i get olderi will

_if you could add anything to the community interests what would it be? to just have fun and not to talk trash about anyone in this comunity


_homosexuality/bisexuality: um i have never met anyone like that but if they like that then good 4 them its there life and they could like who ever they want

_peta? [People For The Ethical Treatment of Animals] sry i dont noe wat that means but i love animals i have 1

_dropping out of high school: um i dont think its rite to drop out bc my mom did and she doesnt have the best job in the world and then u might end up regretting it i noe my mom did

_self-mutilation i dont ppl should do that its wrong a scary i noe i wouldnt do it ppl should really think it through

_add somthing you feel strongly about and talk a little bit about it. um like it sucks wen kids like 1 and older get abused my parents, fosterparents, and relatives bc that is so wrong and u see it on tv and rarely adults like police and socialworkers do anything to help the poor kids and we as ppl need to do more to stop it.

any last words? ya i hope u guys like my application, bcuz i would like to join your community. and thats it so ill wait and see ttyl

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[13 Jul 2004|06:49pm]

well i made these haha!
i made these quickly cus im not really allowed on the puter!
n im goin out tonight so yea!
underneath each one is the code to that one and jus take the stars out and copy n paste it n it will have a link on it already to link back to the community!

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[12 Jul 2004|03:09pm]

hey guys!
sry i havent been doin my part much in this community!
at the moment im makin some animated banners to put in your user info to advertise the community!
when there all done i will post them and the codes so u can put them in!
and then whatever else needs making i can try n make it!

i have also been searching for promo communities and been joining them!

anyways jus thought i would update!

leanne xoxox!
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[10 Jul 2004|07:53pm]

everyone post pictures of yourself. do it in your own entry in an lj cut.
( which is- <*lj-cut> <*img src="http://www.example.com/image.jpg"/*>

just take out the stars.
also I'll be doing a members cut soon.. and everyone has to go promote and comment in this entry saying you promoted leaving the url to it. if you already did it don't worry about it, i knoew some of you did. i'll be doing a members cut so whoever doesn't reply to this with a link to their promotion your cut.
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[06 Jul 2004|11:48pm]

_name: Sabrina ( valens Sister)

_age: 12 (soon to be 13)

_sex: Female ( and if you mean the other umm no thanks lol)

_location: ns , canada

FAVOURITES {more for brownie points are alright too}

_band: Good charlotte

_movie: 50 first dates

_book: the outsiders

_colour:Pink and White annd black

_obsession: Kittens and Music and fashion(shopping) and of course bois !

_song at the moment: Broken


_pet peeves: rachels pain of getten her bellybutton periced =)

_what do you want to be when you "grow up"? Doctor for kids ( cant spell the real word)

_are you Spectaculicious? why? umm i geuss so ! just becuz im alwasy ready yo be in a good mood or a bad one if needed ! im ajust a outgoing Chiki ! =P

I know this questions gets asked a lot but i love hearing the answers-
_If you could have crazy wild hot sex with anyone in the world who would it be? and where?
Well thats a bit to grewsom for me to answer ask me in a few years =P
_if you could add anything to the community interests what would it be?Stay true to our self and always have a open opinon!


_homosexuality/bisexuality: well i think its thats persons life if they want to choose that life they can its there choice and none should be in the way to stop it

_peta? [People For The Ethical Treatment of Animals] umm dont kno what that is but i hate animal killing

_dropping out of high school: i think its wrong , if you dropped out of high skel you are pretty much ruining your hole future and sometimes its to late to get back

_self-mutilation i think its horriable. some people have reason to but i kno its hard to get through the horriable situations in life by try to seek help try to find another way

_add somthing you feel strongly about and talk a little bit about it.boys thinking there better then girls all the time !
girls cant do this or that thats not ture some girls ion this world are better motorbike dirves car racers boxers you name it a girl can do anything aguy can do some times better if they really set there mind to it so dont diss girls the eual to boys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

any last words?
Any last words yes , i really want to become a part of this commuties !so i hope im in .. Ps.. imm if this helps im Valens lil Sis =P *wink wink nuge nuge *
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applacation [06 Jul 2004|11:19pm]




_age:13 almost 14


_location:nova scotia/canada

FAVOURITES {more for brownie points are alright too}


_movie:the notebook

_book:of things not seen

_colour:i like most colors...blue and black and pink XD

_obsession:going to the waterfron with my friends lol

_song at the moment:broken


_pet peeves:the pain of getting my bellybutton percied =X

_what do you want to be when you "grow up"?peditrition

_are you Spectaculicious? why?ummmmmm yes lol because im ME

I know this questions gets asked a lot but i love hearing the answers-
_If you could have crazy wild hot sex with anyone in the world who would it be? and where?umm dude im only 13

_if you could add anything to the community interests what would it be?that your all about yourself and nobody can make you do anything you dont want to its your own opions!!!(sabrinas help ..valens sisyer)


_homosexuality/bisexuality: i think that if i person is like that than that is how it is no one can change it and its nobodys fault they are human too right?

_peta? [People For The Ethical Treatment of Animals]dont kno what thats means....but im against animal cruelty =)

_dropping out of high school:uhh no......you wont have a chance at a good future...

_self-mutilation umm NO...i have friends with this problem and i try and help them to stop

_add somthing you feel strongly about and talk a little bit about it.
umm thats hard...i think that if u are at a resonable age than you dhould be ALLOWED to date its builds your confidence and you get to know more people and experience more too..i also think that your parents shouldnt be able to tell us who to date we need to have our own life sometimes and they need to get over the fact we are growing up!
any last words?am i in?!...ps im valens cousin!!
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